Welcome to Your New Wiki!

Welcome to my students from Second Year ESO. This wiki is yours to work on and build. I hope you have fun seeing your classmates' work and contributing to the wiki too.
Watch the video to get an idea of what a wiki is.
You have to check the My Homework page to see if you have any homework to submit. The Calendar is like your class diary where you can check to see what homework you have and when you have to give it in. The Members page is where you have to upload your avatar. The Our Work page is where you have to upload your work.


1. Click on this link: AVATAR
2. Create your Avatar.
3. Save it.
4. Complete the information you are asked to fill in: nickname and email address.
5. Click save.
6. Check your email. Your avatar will be sent to you in an email.
7. Download your avatar and save it to your computer.
8. Upload it to the Members page.

What is a Wiki?

Do you know what a wiki is?

Do you want to find out how we will work?

Watch this Youtube video.